We invite you to open the door to your new luxury home in the very heart ofJerusalem! Enjoy the exceptional view, as you savor the experience of living in the home of your dreams.

Boutique HaNevi’im offers a range of 2, 3, 4, and 5-room apartments, as well as extremely spacious penthouses. Each has been precisely designed with every detail in mind, offering you a diverse array of spectacular apartments.

The apartments in Boutique Hanevi’im are specially designed to make your own dream a reality. There is ample flexibility to personally customize the apartment — combining apartments, relocating walls, or rearranging the layout, at your request. 

Balconies adorn nearly all of the apartments in the project. The balconies facing east and south overlook an enchanting view of the OldCityand its ancient walls, while the balconies facing west overlook the striking urban landscape of modern Jerusalem. Here you can celebrate holidays beneath the Jerusalemsky, build a sukkah, or set a beautiful outdoor holiday table. 

In a bustling city likeJerusalem, absolute privacy is a rare commodity. Yet, residents of Boutique Hanevi’im are among the few who can enjoy the breathtakingJerusalemlandscape in complete privacy, thanks to the reflective, insulated glass in all windows. 

Residents of Boutique Hanevi’im are entitled to enjoy all of the recreational facilities offered by the boutique hotel on the project’s ground level. In addition, every apartment is allocated a parking spot in the underground parking lot, plus a personal storeroom in the basement.