Azorim “Ne’eman Towers” is a one-of-a-kind project in Israel, offering the chance of a lifetime to reach true luxury and quality living.

The complex includes 12 to 13-story towers, gracefully integrated with low buildings in a crescent-shape formation, with the exclusive lobby forming one main entrance to all buildings in the complex.

Ne’eman Towers has been designed as a “smart building,” applying advanced technology for overall comfort and wellbeing, including advanced leisure facilities.

The apartments, overlooking a spectacular view, are designed in the “open space” style, enabling each resident to custom-design the apartment to his precise preferences and taste.

Ne’eman Tower apartments offer the last word in luxury standards, including such features as natural marble flooring, full air-conditioning, deluxe sanitary fixtures, exclusive kitchen cabinets, electric window blinds, and more.

Ne'eman Towers in Tel Aviv: a dream come true!