Hanevi’im Street, the “Street of the Prophets,” which runs from the ancient Old Cityto the heart of Jerusalem’s modern, vibrant downtown, has played  a vital part in the city’s history over the last century.

Some of Jerusalem’s most beautiful landmarks grace this street, such as the venerable Jewish Institute for the Blind, the historic Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design building, the classically-designed Bishop House, the Rabbi Kook House, and the Empress Taytu Betul House.

In recent years, this captivating, mile-long street (1,600 meters) has come alive and flourished.

The new light rail passes through, and trendy boutiques and coffee shops dot the landscape.

Today, like all ofJerusalem’s revitalized downtown area,Hanvi’im Street exudes a perfect harmony between the historic and the contemporary.

Come be a part of Jerusalem’s past, present and future, in one of her most exciting and enchanting locations of all!