Blue and green are the vibrant colors of the “Gan HaIr” (“city garden”) neighborhood where the Azorim Chof Bat-Yam residence is located.

With a lush 6-acre park sprawled below, a splendid promenade that connects to Tel Aviv, the beach outside your doorstep with its constant, refreshing breezes, the Gan HaIr neighborhood in Bat Yam offers residents true upscale living in the heart of Israel.

The city of Bat Yam, which has become one of the most sought-after cities in the Gush Dan metropolitan area, invites you to enjoy the high-quality standard of living in this beachfront neighborhood, with a range of municipal services, a close proximity to Tel Aviv via main, accessible traffic routes, a quality population, and convenience that can’t be found anywhere else in the Gush Dan region.

Azorim Chof Bat-Yam is nestled in the “Gan HaIr” neighborhood, where its residents’ high quality of life is the top priority.

The neighborhood demands top, reliable standards of construction, enabling you to enjoy an exclusive lifestyle--with such amenities as the spectacular park at its heart, the enchanting beach, and the lively promenade stretching all the way to the Tel Aviv Promenade.

And these are only a few of the reasons that the Gan HaIr neighborhood has become the most sought-after location in all of Bat Yam!

It’s no wonder that this neighborhood has attracted a quality population of people who have identified this golden, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to step up to an uncompromising high-quality lifestyle.

What a pleasure it is to have everything your heart desires within easy reach!  

One of the greatest pluses of living in the Gush Dan metropolitan area is in knowing that you can get anywhere quickly. 

Azorim Chof Bat-Yam’s ideal location lets you enjoy all that Gush Dan has to offer, via easy access to the Ayalon Highway, two railway stations, and an extensive network of public transportation that connects residents to the heart of Tel Aviv:

The Ayalon Highway—the Kommemiut Interchange brings Azorim Chof Bat-Yam residents directly onto the Ayalon Highway. Within 5 minutes, you’re onto Highway #431 to Modi’in and Jerusalem. Or—enter the North Ayalon Highway, and reach Herzlia and the Sharon Region within a half-hour’s ride.

Israel Railways—Both the Yoseftal Station and the Kommemiut Station are in close proximity to Azorim Chof Bat-Yam, for the convenience of railway commuters

Public transportation—A number of bus lines connect Azorim Chof Bat-Yam residents, young and old, to the heart of the metropolis