Azorim New Rehovot isn’t just another neighborhood-it’s a lovely community complex bursting with life. Residents enjoy the benefits of a high-quality lifestyle, the best of municipal services, and a bright future of living in the nicest neighborhood in Rehovot!

From the moment you enter Azorim New Rehovot, you can feel a dynamic sense of community in the air-with residents of all ages, moms pushing strollers, kids running free in wide green spaces-ust like a friendly, warm community should be.

Azorim New Rehovot’s uniqueness stems from the meticulous planning that has gone into making the residential complex a homogenous part of the amenities that surround it-kindergartens, top-level elementary schools, a country club, shopping area, and more.

Residents enjoy a convenient lifestyle in a wonderful community environment, without compromising on high-quality standards. Azorim New Rehovot is the flagship project of the Azorim Company, which has worked diligently over the past decade to make this residential complex an ideal home for the entire Azorim New Rehovot family.

The over 1300 families living in Azorim New Rehovot love their homes and their community, working together to make a bright future there for themselves and their children. You’re most welcome to join!

Azorim New Rehovot’s residents love the place so much that they rarely leave it!

When they want to move, they just buy a new apartment in a different part of the Azorim complex that fits their changing requirements.

Azorim New Rehovot community residents run the gamut, from those who moved in from the start 10 years ago to young couples who’ve just arrived.

Strong neighborly ties have been built among adults and children within the warm, caring community that has developed through the years. Together, residents lend a hand to create a dynamic environment, filled with a host of activities for families and leisure-time enjoyment for all.

Azorim New Rehovot may feel like a quiet rural setting, but it’s actually centrally located near these main traffic arteries:

  • Highway #40 runs through the nearby Bilu Junction, enabling Azorim New Rehovot residents to connect straight to Highway #431, to Tel Aviv and Modi’in.
  • Highway #6, the “Trans-Israel” Highway, is just several minutes away from Azorim New Rehovot

The neighborhood is also adjacent to such main Rehovot city thoroughfares as:

  • The West Rehovot Bypass (ring road), which provides quick access to the TAMAR high-techScienceParkin the north, and to the Rehovot Railway Station.
  • Hertzl Street, Rehovot’s main thoroughfare, featuring a large number of shops and businesses

Parks and green spaces abound within the vicinity of Azorim New Rehovot, coloring the entire area in a beautiful array of verdant hues.

The two main parks in the neighborhood are the “Givat Ha’ahava” (“Love Hill”) and “Givat HaDekalim” (“PalmGarden”) Parks.

  • “Givat Ha’ahava” Parkhistorically known as the first site where lovers met in the earliest days of the city, today’s “Givat Ha’ahava” is a lush, beautiful park which people of all ages can love. 
  • Under the development of the Azorim Company, this green, spacious park abounds with sports, water and playground facilities, pedestrian trails, and rest areas and benches -all perfect for the whole family’s enjoyment.

  • “Givat HaDekalim” Park—This beautifully-manicured park was carefully designed to enable visitors to take a welcome break, stretch out on a comfortable park bench, and watch the world go by. 

The park’s landscape is so lovely that it’s a frequent backdrop for wedding albums, as brides and grooms pose for pictures before the wedding.

Evenings are ideal for Azorim New Rehovot residents to take a stroll or jog around the park, combining good neighborliness with a great chance for some sports.

What could be more than convenient than a shopping center right outside your doorstep!

The Azorim New Rehovot complex is adjacent to the “AzorimCenter,” providing the perfect destination for a number of your daily needs—banking services, health clinics, beauty salon and barber shops, cafes, housewares and more.

What’s more, Azorim New Rehovot is in very close proximity to the “Bilu”Center,Israel’s largest shopping plaza, with a giant selection of fashion shops, home design centers, and more.

Azorim New Rehovot offers a broad range of cultural and leisure-time activities for adults and children alike.

The neighborhood country club provides residents with sports facilities, plus activities for all ages.

Best, the neighborhood is known for initiating great social events for Azorim New Rehovot residents, such as walks through the park, a Purim costume competition, and more.

The children living in Azorim New Rehovot enjoy a top quality education, from kindergarten to high school, together with their friends and neighbors.

Kindergartens—The neighborhood boasts a number of kindergartens for different age groups. In the newer western section of the neighborhood, four kindergartens are currently operating.

Schools—On the western section of the neighborhood, the“Ramon”Elementary Schoolis located; on the eastern side is theBenGurionElementary School.

On the western side, plans are currently under way to construct an educational complex to include additional kindergartens and schools, including a high school to serve the growing needs of this rapidly-growing population of schoolchildren.

The Rehovot Municipalityis also planning to construct a large Community Center in the area for the welfare for the entire community.