Between a graceful iris reserve and the golden seashore lies Netanya’s deluxe, exclusive “Azorim Ir Yamim” residential complex. 

Its elegant towers and exceptional surroundings have attracted discriminating residents who prize the value of upscale living within a cohesive, quality community.

For its residents, Azorim Ir Yamim is a separate, luxurious enclave within metropolitan Netanya. Built as a gated community, Azorim Ir Yamim offers everything residents could desire, right within the confines of home—a new, bountiful shopping mall, recreational facilities and activities in a spacious green park, secure community areas, educational institutions, tennis courts, synagogues, and commercial centers.

Azorim Ir Yamim invites you to take a deep breath and come home to your dream house—a place that meets your every expectation, letting you enjoy the amenities of upscale living and quality neighbors, and the joy of opening your window every morning onto one of Israel’s most stunning landscapes.

Azorim Ir Yamim’s residents, hailing from across Israel and the world, are people who came and fell in love with this beautiful beachfront neighborhood.

They include young couples seeking a high-quality locale to build their families (as evidenced by the profusion of baby carriages in the neighborhood) and folks a bit older seeking to maintain their high standard of living in a new home on the seashore.

Residents of Azorim Ir Yamim have created a warm, cohesive community that is intent upon generating mutual activities and enjoyment.

One look at the residents’ Facebook page proves that Azorim Ir Yamim is not just another exclusive project, but a quality, caring and active community.

Parents have a very good reason to marvel at Azorim Ir Yamim being the finest place to raise their children.

As part of the holistic design of the neighborhood, major efforts have been invested in planning its educational aspects.

In the center of the neighborhood, adjacent to the part, an educational complex is slated to be built containing schools and an arts center.

The convenient access to the center of the neighborhood via the two major paths will enable students to walk quickly and safely to school each day.

Currently, a number of kindergartens are operating in the neighborhood for ages 4 and 5, while the 3-year-old set is being sent to the exclusive Ramat Poleg neighborhood until their own new quarters are completed.

This year, the new “Chaim Chefer” Elementary School has opened for Azorim Ir Yamim’s young students.

Although Azorim Ir Yamim has the aura of being far distant from the urban jungle, it’s actually in close proximity to the city center and to main destinations throughout Israel.

Easy and quick access to the Coastal Road (Highway #2) via the Poleg Interchange enables Azorim Ir Yamim residents to reach such destinations as Tel Aviv (a 20-minute ride) or cities in the north of Israel. 


The Azorim Ir Yamim neighborhood has been skillfully designed to create an expansive, accessible living space within an exclusive hi-rise complex.

Two main paths serve a pivotal role in the plan, meeting together at the heart of the neighborhood - the green “Nature Reserves Path” and the blue “Sea Path.”


  • The Green Path - Connects the seashore to the Iris Reserve, leading Azorim Ir Yamim’s residents directly to the various trails within the Reserve without crossing any streets at all. Along the Green Path lie playgrounds and recreational corners, a dog garden, rest areas, wild flower fields, and a maze for the kiddies. The main path is covered the entire length by a shade pergola, and a bicycle path runs right alongside.
  • The Blue Path - Conveniently reached from the Ir Yamim Mall, this path leads past the tennis courts, the new school and the auditorium, straight to the Mediterranean Sea. The magnificent blue of the endless sea ahead accents every point along this lovely path. Like its Green counterpart, The Blue Path is covered throughout by a shade pergola. This path also boasts a number of shady and recreational corners, including fitness facilities, a meditation area, sunbathing lounge chairs, an amphitheater, water-game area, playgrounds, orchard, and bodies of water.

The two paths converge at the heart of the Azorim Ir Yamim neighborhood, where a shopping center, arts and educational complex, spacious park, and public facilities will be constructed.

At the heart of Azorim Ir Yamim’s design lies the aspiration for an exclusive lifestyle, enveloped by nature and greenery.

The neighborhood is situated adjacent to both an Iris Reserve that bursts into a stunning display of color each year, as well as a golden shoreline that preserves the natural beauty of its lovely, beckoning beach.

At the heart of the Azorim Ir Yamim residential complex, a spacious park is under construction where Azorim’s two main paths will cross—the Blue Path, enabling residents to walk directly from the Ir Yamim Mall to the seashore without crossing any streets, and the Green Path, leading residents directly to the lovely Iris Reserve.


The heart of the Azorim Ir Yamim residential complex is the geographical center of the neighborhood.

This center area serves as a green park as well as a commercial center, crisscrossed by the two main Azorim paths that grant quick, convenient access to the area from all points in the neighborhood.

In addition to various shops, the commercial area also offers quality cafes, an arts and education center, rest areas and playgrounds to give parents and their kids many happy hours at play—together with friends and neighbors from throughout the neighborhood.

The Azorim Ir Yamim neighborhood, adjacent to the shopping mall, is also in close proximity to the new “Sportek Ir Yamim.”

Spanning 7 ½ acres, this sports complex boasts 11 tennis practice-courts, 4 integrated sports fields, an open fitness club, bowling greens, and more.

The new Ir Yamim Mall, located at the entrance to the neighborhood, invites you to enjoy an unrivalled shopping experience there, with exclusive shops offering an international fare, delectable food courts, and great play areas for the kids.