Spacious and precisely-planned for the wellbeing of its residents, the Neve Gan neighborhood has set a new standard in quality living for Petach Tikva.

Azorim Park, situated in west Petach Tikva, provides residents with upscale living, quality neighbors, and a close proximity to everything you need - central thoroughfares connecting to the commercial centers of the Gush Dan metropolitan area, shopping centers, green parks, playgrounds, sports complexes, kindergartens and more.

The new Azorim Neve Gan neighborhood redefines the concepts of community and neighborliness in Petach Tikva.

The community’s population ranges from young couples to families and pensioners, pursuing a wide range of occupations from hi-tech to free-lance professionals.

This diverse community has created an old-fashioned neighborhood atmosphere abounding with concern, caring and involvement.

The neighborhood features its own Internet site to enable residents to get to know each other, become informed of activities and events in the neighborhood, get helpful tips from the experts, and just to chat.


The Neve Gan neighborhood of Petach Tikva is located in close proximity to main transportation hubs, affording residents a quick, easy commute to and from the workplace and commercial centers of the Gush Dan metropolitan region:

• Highway #5 connects Azorim Park residents with the G’lilot Junction to the west and the city of Ariel to the east.

• Highway #4, a major highway that runs the entire Coastal Plain, provides Azorim Park residents easy, rapid access to Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Kiriat Ono and more.

• “Em HaMoshavot” (Highway #471) connects Azorim Park residents directly to the Ayalon Mall area, and from there to Ramat Hachayal, a major center for Israel’s hi-tech and advertising industries

Azorim Park in Petach Tikva lets you enjoy urban living combined with a beautiful green environment.

The neighborhood is situated above the lush, spacious Petach Tikva Park—the city’s largest park — which provides a vital green landscape and fresh air for all.

It’s a children’s paradise, where they can run free, have fun in the playgrounds and enjoy the many gardens along the way. Future plans call for a pedestrian bridge to be built, connecting the Azorim Neve Gan neighborhood directly to the park and affording children, parents and all residents easy access to stroll into their favorite sunny and shady park spots.

In addition, Azorim will build the “Neve Gan Park,” an intimate park for the exclusive use of the Azorim Park residents.

You can look forward someday soon to sharing a park bench with wonderful neighbors, as you feast your eyes on the beautiful verdant landscape ahead.

The Azorim Park residence is just a five-minute walk from Petach Tikva’s largest shopping mall, featuring a wide range of Israeli and international brands in its distinctive shops for fashion, home and leisure ware, electric and cellular products, grocery stores, cosmetics, pharmacies and much more.

The mall also has a large “play land” where parents and kids can spend fun, quality time together.

The Azorim Park in Petach Tikva is located in close proximity to two major commercial and hi-tech centers:

The Azorim Kiryat Arie Hi-Tech Park, one of Israel’s leading hi-tech centers, is home to such giants as Teva, Gilat, IBM, Intel, and more.

Adjacent to Kiryat Arie is the Petach Tikva Magistrate’s Court and the Central District Court.

Kiryat Matalon is a commercial area composed of more than 800 companies, including Bezeq International, Strauss and other leading firms.

The complex also features the “Yachin Center,” boasting a host of cafes and shops.

The kids’ happiness is always a top priority for the family-and for the Azorim Park in Petach Tikva.

Beyond the buildings’ children-friendly design, the neighborhood is very close to the large Petach Tikva “Sportan” country club.

“Sportan” provides adults and children with nearly 20 acres of leisure-time and recreational activities, including a basketball court, mini-football field, volleyball court, tennis court, scaling walls, skating rink, kiddie playground and much more.

When it comes to your children’s education, Azorim Park in Petach Tikva is the perfect place for them to excel.

The Neve Gan neighborhood contains two municipal kindergartens for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten-aged youngsters.

Future plans call for the building of an educational complex to include additional kindergartens and elementary schools for the kids in the neighborhood—bolstering the sense of community among its youngest members.

Neighborhood youth are eligible to study in the renowned “Ahad Ha’am” High School, boasting one of Israel’s highest percentage (95.32%!) of students who pass the bagrut national matriculation exams.

The school includes a study track for “body and soul,” introducing the students to a distinctive curriculum dealing with the spirit and emotion.