Azorim Park Yavne’s distinctive, modern neighborhood in the heart of Yavne is an ideal place to live.

Unlike other areas in the city, the Azorim Park Yavne neighborhood is located close to the city center, and just several minutes’ walking distance from  your daily needs—a shopping center, kindergartens, schools, a sports complex, swimming pool, and more.

In addition to its ideal location, Azorim Park Yavne boasts a high standard of construction and close proximity to the park and residences along the new promenade---adding up to an especially high quality of life for all the neighborhood’s residents to enjoy.

The distinctive neighborhood adds a modern, sophisticated touch to the urban landscape, attracting couples, young and older families who choose an upscale, unbeatable lifestyle.

Azorim Park Yavne’s convenient location, high building standards, and its proximity to the residences on the new promenade and the adjacent green park have all served to attract a varied, quality population to the project.

Young families find the neighborhood the ideal combination of being close to the fast-paced life of centralIsraeland living in a quiet, secure rural environment with the best of everything for their children.  

Azorim Park Yavne’s close proximity to the heart of the city provides its residents easy accessibility to key locales in Yavne, as well as to main transportation hubs connecting Yavne to other Israeli cities.

Azorim Park Yavne is located near theDu’ani Boulevard, close to a wide range of public transportation that provides both adults and youth full, independent and secure mobility in the city and beyond.

In addition, the project’s central location in the city gives residents quick access to Highway #4 which connects Yavne to Tel Aviv in the north andAshdodto the south, and to Highway #42, which connects Yavne to Nes Ziona in the north, the Bet Oved Junction and Highway #431, and toAshdodin the south.

What’s more, two railway stations grant an easy commute to workplaces throughout centralIsrael.  

As Azorim Park Yavne’s name will attest, the neighborhood lies within a lush, green pastoral surrounding.

The project is located above a spacious, beautifully maintained park that beckons Azorim’s neighbors to come bask in the sunny or shady spots, take a seat with a friend on one of the many park benches, and watch the kids having a great time on the park’s playgrounds and fitness facilities. Or you can stroll along the length and breadth of the beautiful new Yavne promenade.

Best, it’s all just outside your Azorim Park Yavne doorstep, reached directly without crossing any streets at all.

Surrounded by the lush park and promenade, Azorim Park Yavne offers a rare lifestyle for its residents, combining the best of a secure environment for children and adults with fresh air and verdant beauty -all within close proximity to the city center.

When you live in the center of town, there’s no need to take the car to go shopping!

Two large shopping centers are within easy access to Azorim Park Yavne to offer just what you need. Here you’ll find a supermarket, computer store, pharmacy, beauty salon, pizza parlor and more!

And—the project is very close to the city center, giving residents easy access to its fashionable boutiques, shops, cafes and restaurants.

When families move to a new home, their uppermost thought is their children’s happiness.

Azorim Park Yavne’s excellent location is a great asset for children -and their parents!

The neighborhood is within easy access of business and recreational centers that offer a range of activities in conjunction with theYavneMunicipalityand educational institutions—such as a swimming pool and an all-purpose sports complex. 

In addition, Azorim Park Yavne is located near three leading community landmarks:

  • Heichal Hatarbut (Cultural Auditorium)—Established in 2010, the 510-seat auditorium hosts a rich repertoire of theater productions, dance and musical performances, children’s events and more.

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  • HaSadnaL’Omanut (The Art Workshop)—Specializing in the plastic arts, the center attracts children and adults to its wide range of courses.
  • The “Koter Yavne” Municipal Library—This new municipal library is a center for culture and enjoyment. 

Open to all Yavne residents, the library not only offers an extensive selection of volumes, but also a number of cultural activities such as a story hour and a children’s theater to open up a wonderful world of imagination.

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The Azorim Park Yavne neighborhood is located near a number of educational institutions, including