Within easy walking distance to the “Kiryon” Shopping Mall, the “Parpar” neighborhood lets residents spread their wings and enjoy a vibrant, colorful lifestyle!

This highly sought-after neighborhood in Kiryat Bialik offers you the wonders of a quiet, pleasant lifestyle within a warm community—all in close proximity to commercial centers, main traffic thoroughfares, and lush gardens.

You’re invited to get acquainted with the Azorim “HaParpar” neighborhood in Kiryat Bialik, and to join numbers of residents who’ve already realized their dream of a lifetime—to live in a high-quality apartment overlooking a fabulous view, and enjoy the comforts of a tranquil lifestyle, without giving up modern urban pleasures and services.

The Azorim “HaParpar” neighborhood in Kiryat Bialik is composed of a diverse community made up primarily of longtime residents of the kraiyot (suburbs north of Haifa) area who have opted to upgrade their lives by moving to a new, dynamic neighborhood that offers a wonderful living environment, close to such urban assets as the Kiryon Shopping Mall, a commercial center, sports and recreation complex, vast green spaces, quality residences, high-standard apartments and a spectacular view.

These “veteran” residents have been joined by a growing population of young families who are also attracted by the nearby urban centers, kindergartens and schools, and the quick and easy commute to workplaces in the kraiyot andHaifa. 

Residents of the Azorim “HaParpar” in Kiryat Bialik enjoy easy, rapid access to main points in the kraiyot (suburbs north ofHaifa) andHaifa, via the neighborhood’s close proximity to these major traffic arteries:

  • Highway #4—the Haifa-Acco highway, connects Kiryat Bialik withHaifato the south and Acco to the north
  • The Kraiyot Bypass (Ring) Road—Currently, the new Kraiyot Bypass Road is being paved just outside the “HaParpar” neighborhood. This new thoroughfare will enable residents to rapidly crossHaifa, connect to theCarmel Tunnel Road and reach the other side of theCarmel in record time.
  • Highway #6—In the near future, Highway #6 will connect to the Somech Junction, enabling “HaParpar” residents to reach Highway #6 in 5 minutes---and cross almost the entire length and breadth ofIsrael.

“HaParpar’s” close proximity to main highways enables excellent access to major public transportation options along Highway #4.

In addition, the rapid transport “Metronit” bus system will soon begin to operate near the neighborhood, enabling greater mobility for residents to reach the kraiyot andHaifa areas.

Beyond its easy access to traffic thoroughfares, the “HaParpar” neighborhood is situated near—and within walking distance to-- such everyday essential urban centers as 

  • The “Kiryon” Shopping Mall—This major shopping area provides Kiryat Bialik and the entire region with a wide range of shops, eateries and entertainment centers for all the family. The Kiryon features shops, a cinema, theater, restaurants and cafes.


  •  The “Afek” Country Club—A sports and leisure complex providing the neighborhood with a swimming pool and wide range of sports activities, a fitness center, courses, and more.
  • The Zebulon Medical Center—Located near the Kiryon Shopping Mall, theZebulonMedicalCenterprovides a range of medical services, enabling “HaParpar” residents to avail themselves of the various clinics, with no need to travel.


The Azorim “HaParpar” neighborhood in Kiryat Bialik abounds with lovely grassy areas that “paint the town green.”

Here you can take a few moments to rest and relax, take a deep breath of fresh air, and enjoy life.

In addition, the “RabinPark” is currently under construction just opposite the “HaParpar” neighborhood.

Once completed, this spacious park will offer our residents lush green lawns, rest areas, walking and hiking paths, and playgrounds for the kids.

Existing sports facilities will be integrated into the new park, which is soon nearing completion.

The sports enthusiasts among you will soon have the great opportunity to combine a hike or walk in the park with a great sports workout on the Park’s facilities---all just outside your doorstep in Azorim “HaParpar.”  

One of Azorim “HaParpar’s” primary assets is its close proximity to the Kiryon Shopping Mall, one of the leading shopping and entertainment centers in the entire kraiyot (suburbs north ofHaifa) region.

The Kiryon boasts a diverse selection of housewares, fashion, cafes and restaurants. For Azorim “HaParpar” residents, this wide world of shops and eateries is within easy walking distance, just outside their doorstep.

An additional shopping center featuring a large supermarket is also located in the neighborhood.


Azorim “HaParpar’s” excellent location enables its residents to enjoy a wide variety of activities, all nearby!

  • The Kiryon Shopping Mall—offers children and adults a wide variety of activities and events. The Kiryon is considered one of the primary commercial and meeting places in the entire north, which initiates a range of meetings and activities for all ages. As such, the Kiryon offers a great selection of restaurants and cafes for the adults among us, and two play areas for the younger set as well.



  • The “Afek” Country Club—offers neighborhood residents a wide variety of sports and leisure facilities, courses, and more. Azorim “HaParpar” residents can enjoy improved health and fitness here---just outside their doorstep!

Once again, Azorim “HaParpar’s” close proximity to major thoroughfares and to public transportation enables residents easy, quick access toHaifaand other nearby metropolises, to take advantage of countless additional activities taking place in the region.

The Azorim “HaParpar” neighborhood in Kiryat Bialik boasts a kindergarten (“Gan HaParpar”) serving the educational needs of the kindergarten and pre-kindergarteners in the neighborhood.

Nearby are additional kindergartens, both municipal and private, within easy walking distance from home.

Azorim “HaParpar’s” children and youth are within close walking distance to such excellent educational institutions as

High school students attend “ORT Kiryat Bialik,” an institution which has won a number of awards through the years for excellence in such realms as teaching, robotics, championship swimming teams, outstanding special projects, and more.