Step out onto your balcony and take a look at the stunning Mediterranean sea before you, meet a neighbor on the way back from the Country Club, send the kids outside to play in the spectacular park below, or set a sports date with your neighbor. Welcome to Azorim Barnea! 

The Azorim Barnea neighborhood, in the new northern section of Ashkelon, is a distinctive neighborhood designed as an urban residential complex affording you an ample range of services and recreational and leisure-time activities.

Azorim Barnea’s location is the perfect combination of smart urban design with advanced construction standards. It all adds up to granting residents a top-quality lifestyle, a warm and cohesive community, and an abundance of facilities for deluxe living in Ashkelon’s best residential complex.

The Azorim Barnea neighborhood blends a high standard of construction with the 21st century needs of today’s residents, alongside the desire to create an old-fashioned, dynamic and cohesive community.

Azorim Barnea’s population is composed primarily of young couples and families, living together in a congenial atmosphere and with the quiet ease that pervades any luxury residence.

The neighborhood is designed as an internal complex, where a broad range of municipal services enable this young community to thrive: kindergartens, synagogues, a country club and commercial center.

The vibrant, spacious Balfour Park at the heart of the neighborhood provides playgrounds for the children and park benches for the adults, fitness facilities, walking trails, and special sites of beauty.

Accessibility is the key word for the Azorim Barnea neighborhood.

The complex is situated adjacent to the main traffic arteries of northern Ashkelon, and in close proximity to the Yitzchak Rabin Boulevard which serves as the cross-Ashkelon route, joining residents to the northern exit from the city.

If you work outside the city, you have quick, easy access to Highway #4, avoiding the need to enter the city traffic in the mornings or evenings. Future plans call for Rokach Street, one of the main thoroughfares near Azorim Barnea, to connect to Highway #4 as well. This development will enable Azorim Barnea’s residents to enjoy rapid access to Highway #4, cutting out even the short existing drive on Yitzchak Rabin Boulevard.

Plus, Azorim Barnea ‘s close proximity to urban thoroughfares enables easy access to public transportation in the north of the city and to major bus routes.

The Azorim Barnea neighborhood is blessed with a touch of verdant nature within the urban landscape.

At the heart of the neighborhood is a lush, well-manicured green park for use and enjoyment by children and adults alike.

The spacious park boasts playgrounds, fitness facilities, walking trails, and rest areas.

The beautiful park is situated near kindergartens, a country club and shopping center.

Enhancing the green hues of the Azorim Barnea neighborhood are the dazzling blue and yellow shades of the sea and sun--just outside the doorstep.

The Azorim Barnea residential complex was designed with the aim of creating a convenient, modern lifestyle for its residents.

The neighborhood boasts a spacious shopping center that includes a cafe, a large supermarket, bakery, health clinic, laundry, amusement area and a number of additional shops and services.

First decide what you’d like to do, because it’s easy to get confused with all the activities for you and the kids at your very fingertips in the Azorim Barnea neighborhood:

  • Mini-AmusementPark—In the shopping center adjacent to the Azorim Barnea neighborhood, you’ll find a delightful mini-amusement park with a variety of activities for kids of all ages.


  •  Country Club - a closed, half-Olympic swimming pool, spa, fitness center, and a range of courses for adults, youth and youngsters await you within easy walking distance from your Azorim Barnea home.
  • Shopping Center—just outside your home, this shopping center features a delectable coffee house, sending the irresistible aroma of fresh-baked goods wafting through the entire neighborhood.

Yet the best activity of all in the Azorim Barnea neighborhood is simply to step out onto your own spacious balcony and take in the panoramic view before your eyes—whether it’s the spectacular Mediterranean seaside or the striking urban landscape, forAshkelonhas invested well in each place.

Ashkelonplaces the highest priority on education. The Azorim Barnea neighborhood, situated in the new northern section of the city, provides excellent educational options to its young residents:

  • The Mitzpe Barnea Kindergarten—composed of two municipal kindergartens, one secular and one religious.
  • The Barnea Kindergarten—a municipal secular kindergarten 

In the near future, additional kindergartens are slated to open in the neighborhood, as well as two elementary schools to better serve the ever-growing neighborhood of young families fromAshkelonand surrounding areas.