The “Nachlat Ganim” Neighborhood
Exclusivity, history, convenience and high quality of life combine in the Nachlat Ganim neighborhood, situated in the very heart of Ramat Gan.

One of the oldest neighborhoods in Ramat Gan, today’s Nachlat Ganim is a sought-after neighborhood offering its residents a high-end lifestyle, close proximity to major workplaces throughout the center of the country, plus the nearby Yarkon Park, educational institutions, kindergartens and nurseries, and a broad range of cultural and municipal services---all in the center of the Gush Dan metropolitan area.

We invite you to get to know the neighborhood of your dreams - a residence in the heart of Gush Dan, with a superior lifestyle that makes no compromises on the important things in life.

The Nachlat Ganim neighborhood, one of the oldest in Ramat Gan, is enjoying a rebirth and gentrification.

Its residents run a diverse, colorful gamut, beginning with the senior, longtime residents of the neighborhood who can regale you with stories about the days when the Elite Intersection smacked of the irresistible aroma of (Elite) chocolate.

Alongside these residents are young people and families at the start of their life journeys, who are adamant about enjoying a high quality of life in the Gush Dan region.

Nachlat Ganim’s own “senior status” means that the gracious neighborhood provides its citizens with wonderful playgrounds, parks, leisure and cultural facilities. Its warm sense of community allows every newcomer to feel right at home!

Azorim Skyline’s ideal location offers maximum access to every locale in Ramat Gan and Gush Dan.

The residence is in close proximity to the Diamond Exchange District, as well as Ramat HaChayal, the main business center of Gush Dan.

Azorim Skyline is adjacent to major urban and intercity traffic arteries, such as the Ben Gurion Expressway, Jabotinsky Street, Highway #4 (Geha Junction), and the Ayalon Highway (Highway #20). This proximity to major thoroughfares enables a quick, easy exit from the city and rapid access to the neighboring cities of Tel Aviv, Givataim, Petach Tikva, and more.

Azorim Skyline is also located along major public transportation routes, near the Arlozoroff Railway Station and Terminal 2000, where buses set out for destinations throughout the Gush Dan metropolitan region.

In the near future, a light-rail station is scheduled to be built in the neighborhood, which will serve as a major means of transportation in Gush Dan.

The route is planned to extend from Petach Tikva, via the Beilinson Medical Center, along Jabotinsky Street and then to the Arlozoroff Railway Station, the Menachem Begin Expressway, the Azrieli Shopping Mall, to Jaffa, and ending in south Bat Yam.

Green is the color of Azorim Skyline’s beautiful surroundings — from its lush grassy areas to a cactus garden, tropical garden, winding paths, shady rest areas, a Petting Zoo and playgrounds.

And it’s in close proximity to the Yarkon Park, the greenest park in the entire region, where people of all ages revel in the spacious green expanses.

Thus residents of Azorim Skyline enjoy the pleasures of urban living, in the midst of natural, open spaces.

What’s more, the neighborhood surrounding Azorim Skyline boasts a number of charming small parks of its own, complete with rest areas and playgrounds—the Ness Garden, the Ha’Amal Garden, the HaYovel Garden, and more.

Azorim Skyline is located very near to the major shopping areas of Gush Dan, filled with fashion shops, house ware stores, cafes, restaurants, and just about anything you could wish to purchase.

The Diamond Exchange—features a wide selection of restaurants, cafes, interior design shops, and more

The Ayalon Mall—Israel’s very first mall remains one of the country’s most popular places, thanks to the Ayalon’s wide selection of shops, eateries, activities for kids, and giant, latest-technology cinemas

Ramat Hachayal—featuring a broad selection of restaurants, cafes and shops in the biggest hi-tech complex in the city

Plus, the neighborhood abounds with supermarkets and local businesses that cater to the folks living within easy walking distance.

Or — if it’s the big city you’re craving, Azorim Skyline’s close proximity to Tel Aviv and its endless shopping and entertainment opportunities makes Tel Aviv quickly and easily accessible.

So, what would you like to do today? Play in the Conservatory, dabble in a course at the Community Center, meander through the Ramat Gan Museum, play some tennis or just jog in the park?

Azorim Skyline residents of all ages constantly have these tough decisions….Which of the many leisure-time activities within walking-distance shall we take advantage of today?

• The New Music Center—features a diverse range of music lessons for youngsters, youth and adults, and even offers the bagrut national matriculation exam in Music. The Center also hosts a number of orchestras and choirs for children and adults.

• The Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan —offering its visitors a fine selection of interactive exhibits, performances, and courses and workshops for youth and adults

• The Ramat Gan Tennis Center —offering tennis lessons for all levels, a competitive track, and an outstanding team of professional staff

• The City Community Center —offers a variety of courses and workshops, performances and cultural activities geared for kids, youth and adults.

The neighborhood’s children can also take part in the “Yarkon” Scout Troup, B’Nai Akiva Ramat Gan youth group, a bowling club, city library, and more.

The nearby Spivack Sports Center is renowned worldwide for its sports facilities for the handicapped, producing a number of champions in the international paraplegic Special Olympics games.

In addition to these nearby activities, Azorim Skyline’s close proximity to major Ramat Gan centers of culture and leisure opens the door to such excellent resources as the Theater Library, the Diamond Theater, the Beit Zvi School for the Performing Arts, restaurants, cafes, the Ayalon Mall, and more.

The same dedication that Ramat Gan invests in culture and Israeli enterprise is all the more pronounced when it comes to giving the city’s children the very best education possible. 

These leading schools and kindergarten serve Azorim Skyline’s children: 

• Kindergartens: 5 nurseries and kindergartens are located in the Nachlat Ganim neighborhood for children aged 3-5, as well as a number of private childcare centers for babies and toddlers

• Elementary schools: 4 leading elementary schools are in the Azorim Skyline vicinity: HaManchil, Nitzanim, Givolim, and Hagefen






• High School: the neighborhood’s youth are privileged to be in close proximity to one of Ramat Gan’s leading high school, “Ohel Shem.”