There’s nothing like starting your day by savoring a cup of coffee opposite a lush, vibrant green expanse, as a gentle breeze touches your face.

Azorim Chof Bat-Yam residents enjoy such pleasures each day, thanks to the wondrous Menachem Begin Park outside their doorsteps.

This 6-acre park provides residents with a natural, restful haven filled with shady rest areas, large playgrounds, and fitness facilities.

Best, parents can rest assured that their children can go right down and play in the park without crossing any streets, thanks to it being in Azorim Chof Bat Yam’s back yard!

The best way to see the magnificent Menachem Begin Park is to come explore it for yourself.

But, for a sneak preview, enjoy this virtual stroll in the park.

Everyone who lives in the Gush Dan metropolitan area lives near a host of well-stocked shopping centers.

Yet residents of Azorim Chof Bat-Yam have the added delight of living adjacent to the grand Balfour Street— within easy walking distance to an array of wonderful specialty shops. This venerable, street is a rare, welcome delight, offering a taste of the personal, intimate shopping experience of days gone by.

Yet, surely no one wants to give up the glories of shopping in a mall.

The Bat Yam Mall offers a wide selection of fashionable shops, eateries and entertainment for all ages.

The mall is located on Yoseftal Street, a short ride away from Azorim Chof Bat-Yam.


A romantic rendezvous opposite the sunset, a gourmet meal served by the sea, rustling waves that urge you to kick off your shoes and feel the warm sand between your toes----

Azorim Chof Bat-Yam, right on the beachfront, offers this and more, every day of the year.

The residence is situated on Kommemiut Street, which extends to Ben Gurion Street, renowned for its marvelous hotels, restaurants, and trendy pubs. During the summer, Ben Gurion Street and the promenade are bustling with life, filled with Israelis and tourists lapping up the sun and fun around them.

Azorim Chof Bat-Yam’s location between the tranquil Gan HaIr neighborhood and the lively area of the promenade and entertainment sites give you the best of both worlds!

Bat Yam, the proud recipient of the National Education Award, places highest priority on their children’s education and wellbeing.

The city’s education department initiated the “Bat Yam Model for Personal Education,” a revolutionary educational program adopted by the Ministry of Education and numbers of additional cities across Israel.

Kindergartens in the Azorim Chof Bat-Yam neighborhood also provide a quality, unique and innovative education to the younger set.

A day-care center is located in the community, as well as kindergartens from Yitzchak Sadeh Street north.

The “Yitzchak Sadeh” Elementary School serves the neighborhood’s children, and additional educational institutions are slated to be built in future.

Plus—the Sportek Sports Center, adjacent to Azorim Chof Bat-Yam, offers the kids a skate-park field, soccer field and basketball court, fitness facilities and more.