“A paragon of beauty,”Jerusalemhas been revered and whispered as a dream throughout the millennia by those who longed for the city.

Today the capital of the State of Israel,Jerusalem serves as a living link between the ancient and modern worlds. As home to three of the world’s major religions, there’s a spiritual aura palpable within the city’s air.

From the bustling Machane Yehudah shuk to the winding alleyways of the Old City, the Jerusalem experience is a constant kaleidoscope of wonder.

The nation’s capital is the center ofIsrael’s government affairs, home to the Knesset Parliament and the Supreme Court.Jerusalem boasts a wealth of museums, led by the renowned Israel Museum and the Shrine of the Book. For children (of all ages), there’s the delightful, unrivalled Biblical Zoo.

And cultural activities abound, with an ongoing repertoire of concerts, dance and theatrical performances fromIsrael and the world at large.

Although this is but a tiny taste of the sumptuous fare Jerusalem has to offer, Azorim invites you to come discover it for yourself—and make your new, dream-come-true home in one of Jerusalem’s most luxurious, amazing locations of all.