Azorim Park Petach Tikva has been designed to meet the residents’ needs--and to provide the groundwork for cordial neighborliness and comfortable living.

• Every apartment receives a private storeroom on the lobby-level of the building.

• Each building contains two Residents’ Recreational Rooms—including kitchenettes--for use by the residents

• Underground parking lots in each building are reserved for the residents, in addition to the street-level parking above

• Trash chutes on every floor, designed to eliminate unpleasant odors

In addition, Azorim Park enjoys such special benefits of the Neve Gan neighborhood as :

• Close proximity to the large Petach Tikva shopping mall

• Close proximity to the spacious Petach Tikva Park and the upcoming pedestrian bridge to join the buildings to the park

• Easy commute to the commercial and industrial workplaces of the Gush Dan metropolitan region

• Playgrounds and the nearby facilities of the “Sportan” country club

• Educational facilities for children from nursery through high school


Stories abound about the courageous chalutzim (pioneers) of old who came from Europe to Petach Tikva in the late 1880s.

Filled with spirit, they fought to drain the swamps and settle the first modern-day Jewish agricultural center.

At a terrible price to their health and wellbeing, the chalutzim succeeded at last in loading up their products by mule for delivery to Jerusalem’s markets.

Later, the settlement became a center for the pioneers and laborers of the “Aliya Bet” immigration as well.

In 1937, the British Mandate government granted Petach Tikva the standing of a full-fledged city, becoming the nation’s second Jewish city, after Tel Aviv.



Today, Petach Tikva ranks as the fifth-largest city in Israel, encompassing over 15 square miles (36 sq. kilometers).

Its borders are these classic urban ones:

  • To the north, bordering on Hod Hasharon and Ramat Hasharon
  • To the west, bordering on Tel Aviv, Bene B’rak, and Givat Shmuel
  • To the south, bordering on Ganei Tikva, Kiryat Ono, and the Modi’in Regional District
  • To the east, bordering on the Southern Sharon Regional District

In addition to its proximity to the main cities of the Coastal Region and the Central Plains, Petach Tikva is located within easy access to prominent major thoroughfares---giving residents the best of both worlds: enjoying the city’s high quality of life, while remaining part of Israel’s thriving commercial and industrial centers.

These thoroughfares include:

  • Highway #4, joining Petach Tikva to the Geha Interchange and the Kiryat Arie Junction to the north
  • Highway#5 joining Petach Tikva to the G’lilot Junction in the east and the Ariel region to the west
  • The “Em HaMoshavot” highway providing a direct route to the Ayalon Mall and Ramat HaChayal, Israel’s leading hi-tech park
  • The Jabotinsky Highway to Bene B’rak, Ramat Gan and Tel Aviv
  • Highway #6, a toll road offering residents a rapid route to Israel’s north and south

In addition to the main highways, Petach Tikva is situated on a main suburban Israel Railways line.

The city’s two train stations “Segula” and “Kiryat Arie” serve the population well, augmenting Petach Tikva’s large public transportation system of local and intercity busses.

Petach Tikva offers its citizens a rich cultural life for young and old alike.

A number of centers provide exceptional and creative cultural experiences, to complement the thriving community action.

  • The Petach Tikva Museum of Art is situated near “Independence Park,” one of Israel’s loveliest vistas.

The Museum features an impressive modern art collection, and promotes the talent of young artists.



  • The Museum of Human Science and Environment is an innovative museum that presents a range of interactive science exhibits for children and youth.

The Museum focuses on the human body and education towards health and mutual reciprocity between man and the environment.



  • The Oded Yarkoni Historical Archives of Petach Tikva exhibits and preserves archival material relating to the city of Petach Tikva, beginning from the 1860s. In addition, the Yarkoni Archives is active in preserving historical landmarks throughout Petach Tikva.



Petach Tikva boasts a wide array of community centers, youth clubs and senior citizen clubs featuring such varied activities as courses, community events, exhibits and more.


Petach Tikva abounds with parks and greenery, providing its citizens with a wealth of playgrounds, rest areas and picnic spots to enjoy.

  • The city’s main park has colored the center of town in beautiful hues of green. The park is designed for the wellbeing of the pedestrian population, providing free and easy access to its various sections via an underground passage and bridges. The Park hosts such diverse, impressive activities as performances in the Amphitheater for up to 30,000 spectators, sports fields, playgrounds for children, and gorgeous, spacious gardens.
  • The Yad Labanim Park, located in the Yad Labanim Museum area, is dedicated to commemorating the city’s sons who fell in defense of Israel. In 1980, the Museum and its founder and first director Baruch Oren were honored with the Israel Prize. Four museums are now operating within the lovely green Museum complex.

  • The Yarkon River Park, founded in 1993, serves as part of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority national parks system. The park provides its many visitors with a host of playgrounds, tables and benches, spacious lawns and tree-shaded areas.

The Petach Tikva Municipality places high priority on developing the city’s various sports realms, teams and facilities.

The primary focus of Petach Tikva’s sports activities is to be found on the many sports fields located throughout the city and at the Sportan country club.

This complex includes a basketball court, mini-football field, volleyball court, tennis court, scaling walls, skating rink, kiddie playground and much more.

“I’m going to the city,” is a sentence that all Petach Tikvans know well.

The “city” is Petach Tikva’s commercial and business center, which has lost a bit of its glamour with the accelerated advent of new malls and parks.

Yet, if you really want to know the old-time Petach Tikva, you just need to go to the city and get to know these landmarks:

  • The Heichal Cinema, today serving as a convention center, was once the legendary city cinema where residents flocked to see the latest movies and just to get together with friends.

  • The Baruch Mall, which long preceded the time when malls became an integral part of the Petach Tikva urban landscape, was once the city’s one-and-only shopping center.

  • USA Pizza Parlor, where the magic of this American-flavored fast-food enterprise once made it THE place for Petach Tikva’s youth to be.

Petach Tikva’s student population numbers 45,800, from kindergarten through high school.

The city takes great pride in several outstanding local schools which have won national and international prizes.

Most notable are the Ahad Ha’am High School, winner of a silver and a bronze medal in the International Math Olympics, as well as the “Golda” High School, which clinched first prize in a national Hebrew Language competition.


In addition, the Petach Tikva College, a branch of the Open University, is certified to award both BA and MA degrees.


  • The Rabin Medical Center, Beilinson Hospital, is one of Israel’s leading medical centers, renowned for its groundbreaking research and treatment. “Rabin” serves as a central medical facility for Petach Tikva, providing outstanding medical care for all residents of the area.

  • Petach Tikva’s three main industrial areas, Segula, Kiryat Arie, and Matalon, span a collective total of hundreds of square feet. Here, heavy industrial manufacturers work alongside a number of up-and-coming hi-tech companies.
  • The Petach Tikva Shuk (Open Market) for fresh vegetables, fruit and food products is considered one of Israel’s best such markets, by virtue of its excellent assortment of products.

A number of shopping centers serve residents of Petach Tikva and the region.

The largest malls include “HaKanyon HaGadol,” Sirkin,” “Power Center Segula,” and “Ganim.”