New Apartments in Rehovot

Azorim Presents the New Rehovot

מקום שכיף לחיות בו

New Apartments in Rehovot

The Azorim New Rehovot residential complex is one of the city’s most sought-after places to live.

Ten years after the Azorim Company launched construction on this deluxe residential complex, it is a thriving success, providing over 1300 families with a high-quality standard of living, spectacular homes, and a warm, caring sense of community.

No longer a mere building “project,” Azorim New Rehovot is a flourishing, upscale neighborhood with such amenities as a country club, shopping area, kindergartens, top-level schools, green spaces, and more.

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דירת 5 חדרים בניין אלון

דירת 4 חדרים בניין אלון

דירת 5 חדרים דגם C1 בניין אלון

בניין אלון דירת 4 חדרים דגם B3

דירת 4 חדרים דגם D1 בניין אלון

דירת 5 חדרים דגם A1 בניין ברוש

דירת 4 חדרים דגם B1 מגדל ברוש

דירת 4 חדרים דגם B3 מגדל ברוש

דירת 4 חדרים דגם D1 מגדל ברוש

דירת 5 חדרים דגם C1 מגדל ברוש

Azorim New Rehovot offers a full range of homes for a full range of lifestyles and ages.

Currently, 4 and 5-room apartments as well as spacious penthouses are available for sale in a number of buildings. Each building has been designed with the highest priority placed on granting residents the absolute the top standard of living.

Each spacious apartment has been built for the finest 21st century lifestyle, as the buildings blend gracefully into the lovely neighborhood surroundings.

• Every apartment receives a private storeroom, to enhance total living space in the apartment 

• Each building features an imposing, luxurious lobby

• Special rooms designated for strollers and for bicycles keep the shared, public spaces clear of clutter