New Apartments in Yavneh

Azorim Park Yavne

an ideal place to live

New Apartments in Yavneh

Azorim Park Yavne is located in the heart of Yavne, one of Israel’s most dynamic cities for young families. The project’s top quality of life, close proximity to city center, spacious green parks, impeccable building standards, and wonderful residents combine to make Azorim Park Yavne a very desirable locale.  

Azorim Park Yavne is distinctive for its prime location, ideal for the modern family's lifestyle:

  • Close to Yavne's cultural and industrial centers
  • Adjacent to the downtown district 
  • Children are already playing, freinds are taking long walks together, and residents can't get enough of watching the gorgeous view from their veranda. 


With Azorim Park Yavne in its final stages of completion and nearly fully occupied, you can enjoy a high quality of life from the moment you move in!

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Apartments in Azorim Park Yavne were designed with the modern family in mind:

spacious kitchens (where you can see the kids in the living room); a large balcony, providing additional space for family and individual use -and overlooking a stunning city landscape - and bedroom areas offering maximum privacy.