New Apartments in Ashkelon

Azorim Barnea Ashkelon

The good life awaits you

New Apartments in Ashkelon

The good life awaits you in Azorim Barnea - a lovely, spacious residential area with a spectacular view, within easy walking distance to the beach, the neighborhood country club, shopping center, cafes, kindergartens and nurseries, synagogues, and much, much more.

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Be a part of the great Azorim Barnea Ashkelon Success Story!

All of these wonders await you there:
Balfour Park—In the heart of the neighborhood, this verdant, spacious, beautifully-designed park provides playgrounds, sports facilities, and shady rest areas to sit down and relax.

Azorim Barnea’s brilliant design enables residents to simply open their doors and go straight to the park—a boon for the kids, who can go outside and play without encountering any roads or traffic.

Kindergartens and Schools— Azorim Barnea was carefully planned to enable its toddlers and children to attend nursery and school within the neighborhood, with no need for carpools to travel to distant locations.

Currently, three kindergartens are operating in the neighborhood, with future plans calling for the construction of additional kindergartens, as well as two elementary schools.

Shopping Center—Whether it’s for coffee with a friend, shopping, a trip to the supermarket, an appointment at the health clinic, or to play with the kids, you can do it all within easy walking distance from your home in Azorim Barnea.

Country Club—This exclusive country club lies in the heart of the Azorim Barnea neighborhood, offering residents and their children a closed, half-Olympic swimming pool, fitness center, spa, and a range of courses.

Beach—Ashkelon is renowned for its lavish beaches. The Azorim Barnea neighborhood overlooks the city’s northern seashore, just adjacent to the neighborhood. Get ready for a summer full of sun and fun!